Power Failure Inspections continue despite COVID-19

With global resources and remote inspection options, DNV offers optimal solutions for customers even in exceptional times

Three key benefits:

  • Services remain available due to our worldwide presence
  • Remote inspections and PFI activities overcome travel restrictions 
  • Customers can monitor progress through remote witnessing options

The customer challenge
Power equipment fails even during a global pandemic. And for our customers, high-quality, independent investigations to find the root cause remain as vital as ever. 

DNV’s solution 
Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, DNV has been committed to working flexibly with customers to maintain services, including power failure inspections (PFI). For every PFI project, we discuss the situation and options thoroughly to identify the optimal methods and service delivery that will achieve the best results while fully respecting health and safety. 

Should on-site inspection be necessary, DNV has inspectors located across the world, so we can perform visits even though international travel is restricted. Plus, our robust global IT system allows us to carry out remote (and secured) inspection solutions, if required.

Indeed, in many cases, much of the PFI-related activity can be performed remotely. This includes information review, communication, brainstorming and root cause analyses with our own and other experts. 

We have special failure investigation laboratories, where dismantling and inspection activities can be performed safely without being impacted by coronavirus restrictions. If customers wish, we can also provide remote witnessing options so they can monitor progress of these activities at a distance. 

Benefits to the customer 
DNV is uniquely placed to support customers during the coronavirus pandemic. Our combination of global reach and resources for remote PFI inspections and activities means customers can count on us even in these unprecedented times. As always, we look for the optimal methods for each task, so we deliver the best possible result while keeping the health and safety of our customers and employees as the number one priority. 

In all our activities, we follow the guidance of the World Health Organization and the relevant public health authorities of the countries in which we operate, as well as any additional company specific regulations. Thus, customers can be confident that if they need PFI services, DNV is fully ready to support them.