My Story™ – wine makers’ story from grape to bottle

Three Italian wine makers are the first to implement My Story™, a blockchain powered digital assurance solution. They have each produced one wine with a unique digital identity giving consumers instant access to the verified and true story behind the bottle by just scanning the My Story™ QR-code.

The My Story™ frontrunners are Italian wine producers Ricci Curbastro, Ruffino and Torrevento. They are now ready to share the characteristics of their wines traced from the farming and wine making to packaging and distribution. Consumers have access to all the facts, using their smart device to scan the QR-code on the bottle. In the connected consumer dAPP, they can instantly browse product facts, the wine’s timeline and locations from grape to store for every bottle.

The story shared with customers range from features related to how the wine was produced to recommendations as to how the wine is best consumed, all shared in an instantly accessible, consumer friendly way. The wines will be available in stores by early in 2019.

The My Story™ wine solution

It all starts with the story to be told. Based upon the characteristics chosen as part of that story, whether authenticity, quality, sustainability, tracking of materials and components or efficiency, evidence must be gathered in the supply chain. This is what distinguishes companies investing in their sustainability efforts from those greenwashing and telling a story.

For My Story™ wine, data is gathered along the entire transformation process from grape to bottle. Data collected range from soil data and weather measurements, to grapes’ origin, additive use and tank operations, to bottling process data and monitoring of product transportation. Focus is on collecting the data that verifies the story to be shared with consumers.

DNV GL experts with long experience from certification audits in the food and beverage sector works closely with the producer to assess the production practices and to verify that the data sourced from these activities are accurate and relevant.

The data collected is stored in an established blockchain-powered ecosystem. The blockchain acts as a perfect trust generator. The My Story™ solution is based on a public, decentralized and distributed ledger, a technology platform provided by leading blockchain provider and DNV GL partner, Vechain. Implementable for companies, it is an ecosystem that includes user management and connectivity options for IoT devices, for example, it is a scalable and an affordable enterprise solution.

Giving a unique ID to each product, My Story™ provides instant access to the authentic product story. The consumer, through a QR-code on the product, can dive into the My Story™ wine dAPP to browse the different product characteristics and production processes behind it. The full history of the journey from grape to bottle is easily available, with the information checked and verified by DNV GL. This enables a conscious purchasing decision.