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Energy Transition Outlook 2022

This 6th edition of Energy Transition Outlook combines our “best estimate” forecast for the energy transition with our “Pathway to Net Zero Emissions”. This year’s forecast to 2050 considers the demand shock of the pandemic and the supply shock that came with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and concludes that those developments exert little long-term influence over an energy transition that will be rapid and extensive.

  • Power and renewables

Renewable energy integration and balancing in single buyer electricity markets

This paper analyses the current practice of variable renewable energy market integration in a selected number of non-liberalized electricity markets and studies further regulatory options in systems not based on markets.

  • Power and renewables

2022 Battery Performance Scorecard

Our fourth Battery Performance Scorecard provides an independent ranking and evaluation of battery vendors based on testing performed in DNV’s laboratories.

  • Power and renewables

Joint Industry Projects

Aiming to solve the industry’s challenges and needs for smarter, effective and efficient solutions

  • Power and renewables

Energy Transition Outlook 2021

The world is not currently on the right trajectory to achieve net zero by 2050. Get DNV’s forecast for the world’s most likely energy future

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