Software Consulting

Delivering high value software solutions that secure your assets and maximize return on investment

Software Consulting

Our Software Consulting team has 170 highly skilled consultants in 19 locations across the world. Our domain expertise spans industries such as oil and gas, electric and water, supporting your distribution, transmission and operational needs in an evolving energy market. We specialize in network analysis, simulation, optimization, regulatory compliance, asset integrity, QHSE and risk management. Software Consulting utilizes industry best practices, combining engineering domain knowledge with product-based software solutions.

What we offer

Our consultants offer a range of services related to simulation and asset optimization, asset integrity management, gas quality tracking and QHSE (quality, health, safety and environment). Our key offerings cover industrial software solution strategies and planning, implementation of our standard software products and customized solutions, to value realization, training and enhanced support. We help your organization get the most benefit from the solution/product.

How we work

We operate as a global integrated consulting organization with defined delivery methodologies suited for our products. It's a structure that enables us to mobilize our people quickly and allocate them to projects in the right place, at the right time. Through our worldwide reach and industry-focused approach, we help you manage risk, improve performance and get results.

Key benefits of Software Consulting

  • Trusted partner with over 45 years of experience in providing software solutions to the energy and utilities sectors
  • Access to our world-class engineering domain experts
  • Experience across the full value chain
  • Guaranteed access to industry best practices
  • Seamless partnering with our industry-leading Advisory Services in DNV Oil & Gas and Energy
We use proven delivery models and sound project management (ISO9001 certified) to ensure that the implementation of your solution will be successful and maximize your return on investment.
  Consulting - Risk and QHSE

Consulting - Risk and QHSE

  Consulting - Simulation and optimization

Consulting - Simulation and optimization

What can Software Consulting do for your company?

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