Verification & Certification of Assemblies of Hazardous Area Equipment

Provide assurance that recognised best practice has been employed in the selection and construction of the assembly.

Assemblies of already-certified ATEX equipment require the system integrator to compile a technical file and assess the various sub-assemblies and certified products together.  Notified Body services are not required under ATEX unless the assembly has been modified from its original certified design or it incorporates certified ‘U-type’ components, which must be re-assessed in the final ‘equipment’ application.  However, even under the voluntary route, increasingly end users and plant operators require a third party verification of the compliance of such assemblies to international standard and recognised codes of practice.

Accredited certification bodies such as DNV can provide third party assessment and certification for such assemblies on a voluntary basis to provide assurance that recognised best practice has been employed in the selection and construction of the assembly.

For applications where ATEX or IECEx Unit Verification is required, DNV perform a full evaluation of component parts according to the appropriate international standards and codes of practice to issue a Certificate of Conformity.

Our IECEx Certification Body and ATEX Notified Body services are issued by DNV Presafe AS in Oslo, Norway.

Relevant Directives / Schemes:

ATEX Directive – 2014/34/EU (which replaces the original ATEX Directive 94/9/EC)

IECEx – The IEC System for Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres

Typical Products:

Enclosure systems incorporating U-type Components, certified by Unit Verification

Skids or containerised equipment packages

Temporary equipment packages

Compliance Routes / Services Offered:

ATEX or IECEx Unit Verification – Full Certification Service

Voluntary Evaluation & Assessment of Conformity

Common Standards

  • IEC/EN 60079-0: Explosive atmospheres - Part 0: Equipment - General requirements
  • IEC/EN 60079-14: Explosive atmospheres - Part 14: Electrical installations design, selection and erection
  • IEC 61892: Mobile and fixed offshore units - Electrical installations

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