Digital solutions in rail

Digitalization and automation are essential to the future of rail. Safe and secure introduction of innovation must be managed.

Railways are seen as a sustainable and efficient transport mode. To capitalize on greener market demands, the industry must advance in a safe and secure way thus highlighting the need for digital services powered by domain expertise and best-in-class use of technologies. New digital solutions are changing how to design, construct and maintain railways. Stakeholders in the rail industry can benefit from a range of new tools to boost safety and improve maintenance practices. These tools will be useful to prevent sudden system faults, minimise service disruptions and the need for emergency repairs thus enabling better planning and more efficiency and save money.  Decision-making based on data for operation and maintenance use cases, and the potential to accelerate innovation, testing and commissioning are facilitated by technologies and paradigms such as big data, artificial intelligence and digital twins.

DNV can partner with you to:

  • Enable safe and secure introduction of innovation: 
    • Deep expertise on key technology drivers such: as IoT, data networks, IA, machine & deep learning, big data, blockchain, digital twin & BIM.
    • Experience and use cases for rail stakeholders and end users: digital train, smart stations enabled by the use of VeracityTM.
    • Advice and assessment on protection of rail critical assets against cybersecurity risks. 


The right range of digital services provide any company with a starting point or a benchmark to develop robust solutions to ensure efficiency. Leveraging upon these tools provides companies with a solid toolkit based on domain expertise and best-in-class use of technologies to focus their efforts and attain consistent and measurable levels of safety in rail transportation. 

Why partner with DNV?

DNV is an independent, third-party trusted voice. We combine rail domain knowledge with extensive safety management system expertise. From compliance and risk assessments to certification, our experts partner with you throughout the journey.  DNV can help you reduce risks from safety to cyber security, from regulatory compliance to innovation. We work with you to improve rail asset performance and decision making while introducing sound innovations for green growth.

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